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Hardware Tools


Here at Seminole supply, we aspire to make a one stop store for all your building needs!

We cover a broad collection of all types of hardware for

  • All building needs​ such as

  1. Sheetrock ​

  2. Lumber 

  3. Painting supplies

  • Bifold doors

  • Metal doors 

  • Power tools

  • Concrete anchoring 

We also have a ​wide variety of 

  • Exterior and Interior wood screws

  • Sheet metal, Machine, Self drilling screws.

  • Hex, Lag, Carriage bolts

  • Assortments of fasteners, Anchors for

  1. Concrete ​

  2. Drywall

  3. Block

  4. Brick  

  5. Plaster

Hardware: About Us
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